In a world of complex decision making do you want to leave your decision making to chance?

6DQ supports organisations at all stages in the decision making process.
The result is a change in cultural mindset ensuring that quality decisions are the norm.

Quality Decisions - busines speople analysing graphs

What is Decision Analysis?

Decision Analysis is the discipline and methodology of addressing complex decisions in a formal manner.  Tools and processes are adopted to create optionality and assess options in a structured manner.  This analysis incorporates future uncertainty and gives the decision maker insight into different options and ranges of possible outcomes.

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What is Decision Quality?

The only time to determine the quality of a decision is at the time of making it.  We will help you measure the quality of a decision when it matters, when you make the decision. This will not necessary guarantee the outcome but will increase the likelihood of returning more favourable outcomes over time.



6DQ can help you focus on the following 4 key areas

Decision Facilitation

6DQ will facilitate and ensure alignment of project team members, key stakeholders and Decision Makers.  Focus will be on addressing the opportunity and what key decisions the team should focus on analysing at each phase in the project.


Analysis & Insight

6DQ will support the organisation in modelling the key decisions and uncertainties following the principles of Decision Analysis.  With the future uncertain and many input variables to the decision out with the control of the organisation, decision making should be based on the potential range of possible outcomes.


Organisational DQ

6DQ can provide support to organisations wanting to embed Decision Quality, through piloting projects, ongoing training and support to grow the competency within the organisation.


Economic Support

6DQ will support your organisation to provide short term cover or temporary economic support for discrete projects.  6DQ has extensive experience in economic modelling and tools and can easily slot in to a project team to give economic support at short notice.