covid-19 decision framework

Covid-19 decision framework: a complex and necessary task

Isn’t hindsight a great thing?

After seeing the results of a complex decision and its resulting actions on your company’s performance and bottom line, how often have you wished in hindsight that you’d taken greater account of the decision process before going down the route you chose?

Over the last few months we’ve all seen the results of very complex decisions taken by governments here and around the world on how to tackle the threat to the lives of their populations posed by Covid-19.

While there have been common themes and actions, such as lockdowns and mandatory wearing of face coverings in defined situations, how they’ve been used and to what degree has seen many different implementations. To varying degrees of success in suppressing virus spread, treating those becoming seriously ill and, more recently, reopening their economies without allowing a resurgence in virus spread.


Covid-19 Regulations

If you look at the level of detail of the Covid-19 regulations published in the UK alone, the number of decisions required to frame them will have been enormous. Just imagine that challenge and the vast array of alternative options which will have also been considered. And at a speed based on limited information you would not normally entertain but they had to as infections and deaths rose.


Multiple Variables

Having to weigh up the effects on the economy versus the protection of people’s health, possible effects on mental health of limiting movement and cope with the anxiety of the public and pressure from businesses to allow them to resume trading as soon as possible.

Imagine if you’d been the civil servant asked to prepare the decision recommendations for Government to decide on. How would you have gone about it? Would your existing strategic planning process have been up to it?

You face big decisions for your company on a regular basis, most of which, thankfully, don’t have potential downsides including the death of hundreds of thousands of key stakeholders. But they do directly affect how your company performs in the future and the livelihoods of your people and investors.


Not to be left to chance

At 6DQ we’ve always said that in a complex, uncertain world, decision-making shouldn’t be left to chance. The world today has never been more complex or uncertain. Make a bad choice and the results could be catastrophic and irreparable. Make the right one and your company could lead its field, or gain further ground ahead of the pack.

A robust, time-proven, data-driven decision framework, such as our 6-Step Framework, which takes due account of alternatives, evaluates them and delivers crucial insights as well as alternatives, will allow you to be confident you’ve chosen the best decision at the time you make it to secure your organisation’s future by achieving its goals and aims.

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