We believe all companies can add significant value to their bottom line by increasing quality in their decision making across the organisation.

6DQ was set up by Craig Mitchell in 2017 to offer a service to companies who want to improve the quality of their decision making.  Craig brings 20 years’ experience working in the oil and gas industry with companies including primarily Chevron and latterly Maersk Oil. This has given Craig a wealth of experience in facilitating, analysing, training on Decision Quality Principles and Economic support to companies.  Although primarily focused on the oil and gas industry the principles and process are applicable to all industries and decision making.

6DQ assists businesses in improving the quality of their decision making. We support companies in facilitating, analysis and coaching of Decision Quality.

We can offer you a flexible, cost efficient, quality service focusing on your uniqueness as a company and tailoring any support specific to your needs.  Any adoption will be carried out with speed and ease to improve the quality of the organisation’s decision making, thus improving the likelihood of positive outcomes and adding value directly to the bottom line.

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