DQ Training: 6DQ offers 1:1 individual decision training sessions and group decision training sessions for cohorts and teams.

Our aim is to help organisations successfully make decisions.  We provide a framework to help execute this and give them the support they need along the way.

Every business is different and has different needs, so the process starts with a fact-finding exercise. Our work is usually project based and focused on changing the culture of an organisation to ingrain quality decision making within.  Once we fully understand the needs within the organisation, we develop an action plan for training and support.

Let the data talk

Decisions can only be truly assessed with the right information to base them on. Working with clients, we help key people and teams make quality decisions that are backed by data and analytics.

We have a range of decision-making & economics training courses and workshops available.  To keep our clients up to date with the latest practices, we update our materials frequently to cover new theories and thinking. We also develop bespoke training courses for clients with unique or unusual needs.  These cover various topics on decisions and economics.

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