Introduction to project Framing, defining the context of a project and steps to follow for framing a project.


Initially explores the topic of what do we essentially mean by Framing.  How individuals can look at opportunities or problem from a different viewpoint and perspective.  Essentially like a camera the focus and area for the photograph can change.  Framing is around aligning all with a shared perspective and viewpoint for the project. Once Framing has been defined, we guide participants on main process steps in Framing a Decision problem from aligning on scope through to prioritising Decisions and finally developing strategic Alternatives.

Suitable for:

Anyone with an interest in how to improve their decision making or the decision making of an organisation, Economists, Project Team members, Decision Makers, Project Managers, CFOs, CEOs.


60-90 mins

6dq Decision Facilitation image
6dq Decision Facilitation image