Helping decision makers across the globe...

6DQ is proud to be part of an international upskilling programme to virtually help organisations and individuals upskill in three key business management areas namely:

  • Decision & Investment Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Economics
  • Scenario Planning

The support is stretched out over a set period to allow the learning effort to easily combine with daily work pressures.

The core themes are:

  • how to make good decisions
  • how to deal with risk and uncertainty

Each programme consists of three components: live video sessions, e-learning and e-coaching.

Live Video Sessions
Live video sessions take around 60 minutes and are scheduled at times suitable for the cohort or individual.

E-learning is flexible with either short modules (virtual learning bites) or full online courses.

E-coaching allows our experts to work with participants to apply the learnings in real practice. This is a unique feature of our concept which could not be accomplished in a traditional training setting. It further enhances the value of an individual’s learning investment.

We have designed three introductory upskilling programmes (see table). More advanced or alternative programmes can be put together in good consultation.

Working with a team of international experts

Henk Krijnen is the founder of NavIncerta and has enjoyed a career of 35 years with Shell which took him to Indonesia, Thailand, the United States and the Netherlands. During his last five years in Shell’s corporate strategy department he played a pivotal role in establishing new approaches for risk and scenario analysis within the company. He advises companies in the domains of investment analysis, scenario planning, risk and uncertainty analysis. Henk is currently a Distinguished Lecturer for the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Diana Del Bel Belluz is President and Founder of Risk Wise Inc., creator of the Mobilize for Growthprogram. She enables business leaders to systematically navigate the uncertainties and risks in their business environment in order to maximize the value their organizations create. Diana guides executive teams and boards to gain clarity and confidence about their choices by having effective conversations that enable them to appropriately weigh the complex and difficult risk issues that arise as they develop and pursue their strategic objectives.

Craig Mitchell is the founder of 6DQ which supports organisations in structuring their Decision Making process based on the principles of Decision Quality.  Previous to this, Craig worked in the energy sector primarily with Chevron and latterly Maersk Oil.  Craig guides and facilitates project teams in the whole decision making process with a passion for ensuring they start off on a solid foundation by defining and structuring Decisions and Risks in a project framing workshop.

For more information, please get in touch.

6dq Decision Facilitation image
6dq Decision Facilitation image