6DQ support clients on their drive to adopt a Decision Quality mindset.

Decision Quality Case Studies

6DQ is currently supporting a client on their drive to adopt a Decision Quality mindset.  This has resulted in several projects being piloted using a structured Decision Analysis process through Framing facilitation, Decision Model construction, analysis through to insight and recommendation. Combined with training, coaching and support across the organisation there is a continual drive to change the mindset and increases quality in decision making.

"6DQ provided myself with excellent, timely, ongoing coaching and support on Decision model building & Decision Analysis tools. Thus increasing knowledge and confidence in the process required to build a quality decision." Ross Bremner  - Wells Survey Focal Point - EnQuest

"6DQ provided excellent project framing facilitation at short notice for several workstreams, providing clarity on defining the opportunity and key deliverable objectives."  Matthew Laurenson -  Transformation Manager - EnQuest

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