In a complex, uncertain world, decision making shouldn’t be left to chance.

By supporting organisations through all stages of the decision making process, we help develop a
change in cultural mindset to ensure quality decisions are the norm.

We give businesses insight and confidence by helping them throughout the journey.
Our 6-step framework challenges thoughts and stimulates ideas, by asking the right questions.
The right questions provide the data and analysis necessary to inform the decision making process.

Our clients are confident with the decisions they make and we are with them each step of the way.
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Quality Decisions - busines speople analysing graphs

Decision Consultancy

6DQ helps organisations get the key data necessary to make
decisions with confidence. With our support, businesses
understand the economic impact of decisions, which allows them to
measure quality decisions before they are taken.

Quality Decisions - business people with post it notes

Training & Workshops

1:1 training and group training for cohorts and teams.
6DQ works with middle management to senior level staff and
board members. Working together, we help people and teams
make quality decisions that are backed by data and analysis.

Our Services

Decision Consultancy

6DQ helps organisations develop alignment of key stakeholders. Working together, we address the opportunity and define the key focus for analysis.


Decision Analysis

Working with clients, 6DQ helps businesses embrace uncertainty. By looking at variables and detailed analysis, companies gain insight to feed the decision making process.


Organisational DQ

Companies can embed Decision Quality (DQ) into their culture with help and support from 6DQ. We provide bespoke training and workshops to help.


Economic Support

Economics are integral to the decision making process. Using the latest tools and economic modelling, we provide both project-based support and short-term cover.