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How Alternative Generation can help improve value in Business Decisions


Alternative Generation is the final part of the framing process. It can also be done as a stand-alone exercise or re-visited later in the decision-making process, if necessary.

What is Alternative Generation?

Alternative Generation is a method used to explore alternative options within the decision-making process. It is all too easy to go with a preferred option initially and to select a couple of options to compare, but Alternative Generation goes deeper, allowing companies to think outside the box and really interrogate the decision space and explore wide-ranging options.

Strategy Table

Time must be allowed and dedicated to exploring and investigating potential alternative options. After defining the key decisions, a strategy table is used to outline the alternatives to be evaluated.

Strategy Table - ALternative Generatoin | 6DQ Decision Analysis Consultancy

Who should use Alternative Generation?

Project teams looking to debias their current thinking and think outside the box to create solutions they otherwise would not have thought of.


When should it be done?

Alternative generation should be done after the project has been defined but before any evaluation has taken place.

What difference will this make?

This will ensure project teams carry feasible distinct alternatives to the evaluation stage, rather than concentrating on preconceived options, that the team already believes offer a solution.


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